3 Simple Reasons Proving that Solid Wood Furniture Beats Retail Furniture



Solid Wood Furniture



There is no interior area that solid wood couldn’t enrich with it’s warmth, status and richness. With so many available types
of wood, the possibilities are limitless.

Solid wood furniture adds a certain level of greatness and charm to any room. Wooden furniture shows class.





This brings us to the first reason why you should choose solid wood furniture over other furniture types. Wood transforms the overall mood and feel of a room, creating a welcoming atmosphere, a sense of nobility and a true sense of being connected with nature.

Ask yourself this. When working behind a desk, wouldn’t you want to feel as if the desk was your companion in work, emotionally supporting you, giving the needed confidence to succeed?



Wood can also immediately bring warmth to otherwise sterile surroundings and fosters a sense of nature in interior spaces. You literally feel the warmth radiating back, unlike any other material. It feels like nature hugging you back.
Being able to touch the years reflecting from every fibre in the wood. You feel the primal energy of our World under Your fingers.



The third and final reason you should choose solid wood furniture is for its impeccable durability. It ensures excellent value for money.

You surely know that feel of constantly having to repair broken furniture parts or having to balance on a shaky chair and not feeling that enjoyment you first had when buying it. With solid wood furniture you don’t have that problem. It requires low to no maintenance and stays fresh. It even smells like walking in the woods.

As I mentioned before, solid wood furniture offers excellent value for money. It might be a more costly initial investment, compared to regular retail furniture, that is true. Every purchase we make in our lives is a question of value vs. price.
Wooden furniture is value for years to come. It represents stability, status and nobility.


Overall, You choose to feel like a clerk or You choose to feel like a king.