Custom Furniture

Custom furniture is always unique, meaning our client has the only one of that kind.
Every article of custom solid wood furniture is pure artisanship and made by our skilled craftsmen.

Our custom furniture costs more than average furniture from retail, which enables us to also have a much higher standard of quality. The lifespan of our custom furniture is easily over ten times longer, when handeled properly – meaning Your successors can still enjoy them.

For further information please contact us through our website or via email


Wooden Details

We create custom wooden constructions based on our clients orders. Some of our more popular works include:

  • Various wooden panels for walls and ceilings.
  • Facades of buildings.
  • Interior design solutions made of veneer or solid wood.
  • Acoustic solutions made of natural solid wood.
  • Our most popular export product is the solid wood panel.


Furniture Collections

We have our own office interior collection, which consists of office desks, meeting room furniture, reception area, various management room furniture, resting area furniture and many types of wall and ceiling solutions.

The upside is that all areas complement each other harmoniously and every article of furniture plays a part in the whole office experience.





Professional drafting is the foundation of every new project. On most projects we also create a 3D visualization and 3D models. That way we give our clients an opportunity to find the best materials, colors etc. giving You a great overview of the final product.



We offer free consultation for every project to ensure maximum quality and the best result for our clients.

We want to get to know our clients needs and visions, in addition support the idea with our professional knowledge about solid wood furniture and wood manufacturing. It is important to find the best materials, details, lighting solutions, colors and finishing.




Installation and Assembly

Our skilled workers will come and install every order for You on the spot.

Even outside of Estonia.



We have a solid guarantee of quality and we back it up. You can be certain in it.