Supra Furniture OÜ is a family owned company based in Estonia.
Est. 2007.

Supra Furniture has gained an international reputation for manufacturing hand crafted designer furniture and avant-garde wooden constructions with impeccable quality. Top craftsmanship, timely production, and freedom of design all make Supra Furniture a choice manufacturer in our region. 

Our values

Our mission is to develop a loyal and trusting international customer base through guaranteed top craftmanship, timely production and competitive pricing.


In today’s era of mass production, Supra Furniture has emerged from a simple concept: to build custom handmade furniture with care and high-end workmanship. When designing and drafting our projects, we aim to use natural and eco-friendly materials. It is important, that our products are ergonomic and have a positive effect on work efficiency.

Supra Furniture also offers a holistic office collection, which includes: office desks, cabinets, reception area, conference room, executive offices and workers’ rooms. Every design is unique and personal.

Our high-end machinery and professional workers allow us to produce even the most elaborate designs.  A presentable office is like a good business card and creating these offices is our business card. 

We can help with drafting, designing and installing.

Our vision is to be the top quality standard in natural wood furniture manufacturing in Estonia.


Charity work

Being a part of this tight-knit community of Sõmeru, Estonia, makes us want to contribute back. For example, we distribute our sawdust to local farmers for animal bedding and to local open-air jogging paths etc.

The Sõmeru municipality has honored us with the Good Act award for when on the cold winter of 2015, we handed out much-needed firewood to Sõmeru citizens.

We also helped our local students take part in the European robotics championship. They won the first prize.